Atomic Sno-Balls & Sandy Dabs – Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 6

Atomic Sno Balls - Copyright©2015 Yamabushi All Rights Reserved.This plodding soggy sad tale starts with the atomic snowballs otherwise known as the sandy dabs . Now this “sand” stuff the jury is not all the way out yet, not at all what most people want. The author experimented with lukewarm glee, much like a lot of things these days it was slightly less than spectacular. Not to over vilify this enfeebled bastard son but it just seemed lacking the full spectrum of florals and subtler flavor notes. Then there is the flubdub hokum flimflamery that is the consistency . It should only be applied as an add on at the end depending how it is made. The author strongly disagrees with the practice of blasting into any silicon dishes. Having said that it had a chalky under-taste with generic floral when used by itself. However if used in unison with regular waxes it can give you a slightly turbo-charged hit. Flavor wise it is superior to kief , which tastes more burnt, the florals here intermingle more and the effect is stronger. This is no dream this is really happening.

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