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Goober grape stink bug bastards controlling the paint with ancient rave music we reach the end of the line you have to stop the bleeding, to survive Drink away the pain, make yourself insane keep it grizzly Drunk on the milk of human kindness a gathering of eagles Hell’s hatchet-men My Diamonds Shine A-lot That’s […]

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Dab Junkie Dispatch: Adventures in Galactic Shatter Ice-Cream

The days recently spent preparing and road testing space cutie ice-cream were wonderful. Diving into the self experimentation and over administering of said hand churned shatter cream. The foodie movement in psychedelic ice creams. Hand juicing mandarin cuties,then adding a small batch of shatter, after it has been unlocked by cooking in coconut oil, and […]

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No Bullshit Popcorn Fart Bath-Salts Here – Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 7

The process of staring into your belly-button otherwise known as navel-gazing occurs upon reaching the higher plateaus of the dabbing stratosphere. The push inward comes on rather forcefully to deny it sends you on another trip all together it is best to merge into the wave. Become the change , look right into the abyss […]

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