Dab Junkie Beach dispatch 4

Beach 4 - Copyright©2015 Yamabushi Art.com. All Rights Reserved.The beautiful south and the women in the wall who rule them all.
Money and the power hour after hour never tastes sour.
Murder is involved definitely.
We gave Jimmy Buffet the fear.
Will P.C.P do in a pinch? Only if you ass bump it.
Scarlet pussey in the land of fever.
Gorilla cookie Denis the menace.
Weenus dabs franchise fortune
When you strut, you stumble
Zchivago Shivanni and Che Guavez
give giant head-butts and sweet cheeses
growing back little rat skin-tails.
With not enough purchase to save the first kiss for the alter.
Food fight Jonathan Rambo ducking Somali suppression fire
Inserting, further operatives roping in
Pick up the dead rookie.
Blind justice RPG hunter groups
Going in hard the inner ogre destroys us all
You want to eat an elephant?
If I can’t get you in four fuckin shots
Mack what the fuck ,how did you get like this?
Rainbow train candy-land.
The salt of the earth don’t get their just dessert
As the hero gets stoned like years ago
the funky bilingual, who has the knack for the attack?
Your last night spent snort snoring, course I slept through the
smiley faced fireworks.
It is our last night on repeat.
Overlap stagger
Tremendous smear
Encrust the robust
Torpedo watchdog
Surpass the surplus syrups chaperone.
Just to find myself wondering how high to get now all last minute?
Lets do the damn thing.
Girl drink drunk style on the Emerald Isle.

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