Dab Junkie Dispatch: Adventures in Galactic Shatter Ice-Cream

The days recently spent preparing and road testing space cutie ice-cream were wonderful. Diving into the self experimentation and over administering of said hand churned shatter cream. The foodie movement in psychedelic ice creams. Hand juicing mandarin cuties,then adding a small batch of shatter, after it has been unlocked by cooking in coconut oil, and almond milk. The coconut oil ganja flavor mixing into everything. Very edible and very refreshing one saw future beaches and faded sunsets in every morsel.

This time in our collective wisdom we made mint chocolate chip ice-cream with mint shatter chocolate. The green strength for st. Pats Irish stoner pride.

As any pioneer, our sense of discovery knew no bounds and scoops ended up soon in our mimosas. Electric mimosas kept cool by a floating islands of goodness. So there we are drinking our shatter cream galactic orange julius mimosas thinking wow what is the limit? As long as you had no fear you could keep going. When I first started feeling the effects slowly creeping up my back. Like a giant panda bear book-bag all shaggy and warm tightening ever so slowly. The invisible monkey on your back getting heavier.

Tales of Shatter Ice Cream: BlastOff!

Then we made the second batch. This time in our collective wisdom we made mint chocolate chip ice-cream with mint shatter chocolate. The green strength for st. Pats Irish stoner pride. After the cream-cicile mimosas and the usual dabage a new euphoric rush settled in. The sheer rush was amazingly so fresh and so clean. Now each galactic hardcore cream had a different strain of shatter. Peaches and pineapple in the mimosa bomb first take and the second mint mega rush powerhouse had jilly bean with blue Buddha in the mint chocolate chunks. For all the specific strain whores out there.

So as the strains seeped their specific stones down on our purposeful over-dose we soldiered on. The foodie impulse ran strong, blood orange electric mimosas pomegranate juice infused magnetic body high. A bit of joy, may peace be upon you. Hippie MDMA in frozen form cannabis hardcore input so soft and gentle. Relax and feel the rush. You will have a stone-over. Very pilly and euphoric you are born again in the stoney waters.

Whatever you do, don’t close your eyes, because you will be swept away forever. Highjacked to faraway lands behind the back of beyond stretching into uncharted hemispheres undreamed of til now. The body buzz that seems to last indefinitely. Can you get brain damage from too much space shatter cream?Are there long lasting forever effects?

Boundaries were certainly tested, no toxic limits detected. At a certain point you can actually see the oxygen molecules in the air. Not necessarily for rookies but definitely a special treat for the seasoned vet. Most importantly the couch lock hippie killer effect was downplayed by the sheer intensity of the before mentioned body buzz.

You still slept well but you weren’t walking dead all over the place. You were not reduced to a drooling zombie looking for munchies before you pass out fast. Instead you were reborn a stoner god, a high Hercules with lands to conquer and castles to raid. I am pretty sure you could handle it. A summer of bullet proof buzzes are in the future.


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