Dab Junkie Dispatch : Beach Pt.1

hdr_beachSo the glorious beach I feel like I just graduated. The beach sunrise there is nothing like it. Dabs at the end of the universe. The ocean is the long lost lover beckoning you to an endless embrace. You find yourself replenished , the right minerals absorbed. Then you try to take it to the next level , bust a move get all Schooly D in the bathroom with the exhaust fan going. Next level super duper sessions . When Pink Floyd type music soundtracks your cerebellum.

The bad ass beach, so worth it once you finally get there. It really is not that far. The slippery slope we all climb to try to get to the top. The love we share on the way up is our testament. Beach world goes good with the Dabs ,Tina turner in her bullet proof underwear holding the elite high tight to her perfumed bosom. If you blink you will miss it , gone like a ghost. The waves stay crashing in forever. Salt stains the lips and is slightly kissed by warm breezes. Everything slows down , internal paces change gradually. Dab proof you proceed to explore new inward zones work out your own cosmic math. This equals that, hope trumps dream, minus fear, times expectation.

The scary ghost towns of the mind with glow in the dark tumble weeds floating lazily left and right. Ambient music slowly pulls through the air mournfully passing Rip Van Winkle time. The sky clouds over a hazy burnt gray white. Forlorn fumes and bright white wisps curl through humid winds. The taste of local forest fire in your mouth blends with whatever form of alcohol you are drinking. Too much remote contemplation everything feels so far away, like it would take real effort to break the spell. The dream everyone secretly nurtures of just running away from it all. The fantastic clouds issue forth their challenge for you to stay, as they gently undulate and unfold themselves across the sky. The salt on your lips makes you think long and hard. The dream of the beach is what you love , to go back in your memory later and categorize the days spent loosing the past at the beach. The tan slowly will fade as the days slip away til the next time you journey so far to the edge of everything.

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