Dab Junkie Dispatch the Beach Special Hurricane Arthur Edition (the survival guide)

Hurricane Author Addition - Copyright©2015 Yamabushi Art.com. All Rights Reserved.First there is the list of items required to handle the awesome force of a hurricane. They are as follows and in no particular order:
A shatter sommelier
A shatter steward
A solid brown crown vic.
Burp sauce
Super fruit
sweet savage love
Zog juice
Sporg eggs
green fly chillies
Red sauce
Emergency tongue depressors
mimosa in a can
butane tuna torch
The Rooster
A Cypress-Hill CD scratched and a little dirty
little candles
Yellow Submarine (the Hummer)
Secret items unheard of in shrimp circles
One person that keeps saying “We’re not gonna make it”
Battlefield condition gray water
various elixirs
Dreadnaught hard-taco shells
Schwag Baloney fryers
Lump Baloney meat
Sweet Pickle fruit roll-ups
things that smell like band-aids
Tossed crab salads with gumball seeds
That is how you glamp at the beach during Hurricane Arthur slowing down the artificially flavored future.

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