Dab Junkie Dispatch: Ceramic Dome-less

mayorz19The product looked a lovely virgin white it would not remain pure for long.

To use this product you heat it longer than you would a titanium or quartz piece. Then you get it glowing and it retains an even heat longer so you can get multiple dabs off of one heating. The flavor was great , crisp and fresh. The ceramic had a nice flavor seemed a little purer , cleaner. They don’t have the shelf life of the titanium or quartz glass but are significantly cheaper.

ceramic-bowlThe other plus is for the sessionability multiple users don’t have to wait for the torch. I think it would be a good back up piece or party bowl. There are probably some extracts that would maximized by use of this product. I wonder if that fresh taste will lessen as the piece receives more use. For the connoisseur I think it is definitely worth getting.

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