Dab junkie dispatch:18 Kosher Kush

kosher kush_the dab junkieI can’t gush enough about this kush. It is like sour-diesel took steroids and worked out bumping HGH every morning. This kush format improves somehow, on the amazing , crippling strain of sour-diesel. Long thought the pinnacle of flowers and then dabs, this strain has the power and flavor to make you take notice. With an after taste like new Nikes and sweet-milk, the kosher stands alone. Then there is the stopping power, if you are lucky enough to take some high quality kosher kush dabs to the head, then you know. The kosher is that , if I ever got shot , what I would reach for first type of wax.
The Flavor is enough by itself, complex aftertaste reeking of sex-appeal. It is in the potency where this strain shows it’s true colors, the roll slowing vibe , the giant killer, the long walk home.

A top flight assassin with high potency couch lock darts. This strain is the one hard to come by, scarcity and high quality are the hallmarks of this formidable flavor. In flower form it is visually very similar to the sour-diesel but with a little extra frost if that is possible.

The flavor has so much traction. Like a fine wine the complex notes linger. If you chose a strain to convert a skeptic to the dabs, and you wanted to prove a point, the kosher is the one. I know it seems impossible to improve on the sour-diesel, but if you could give the sour-diesel a jet-pack and bulletproof vest, with a thousand bazookas you could shoot at once.

Couch lock kosher, G.S.W Kush, the end of the world go bag strain. I cannot emphasize the dazzling importance of this flavorful favorite. This is that two hours late, runaway train, black-eye,bend over backwards bud. Dab yourself to zombie oblivion with this strain. Exploded pumpkin-head Alex Gray visuals with every toke. It provides a complex expert high, not for beginners. The stiletto heel grinding into the back of your cerebellum. It hurts so good hot dominatrix style. The warm towel pressure behind your eyes that makes you change the way you do business herbals. This is the strain you put away for special occasions, or emergencies. The medicinal pain fighting ability is amazingly strong, the kosher doesn’t pull punches it just knocks everybody out.

A gorgeous golden goo that is definitely not to be missed. It will make you optimistic for the future. For those that go hard for the sour-diesel this strain is a must, like a younger hotter better tasting sour. The flavor, where highly similar is more sophisticated and nuanced than the traditional sour. It is more complex and unfolds into a pleasant aftertaste that is unlike any other shatter.

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