Hurt then heal and move on…Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 10

Hurt then heal and move on...Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 10First off let me be the first one to apologize about all the Gobot stuff from last time. See what all that navel gazing gets you. The drug war makes money for some, costs others everything. The creative time lost , the families destroyed without a second thought, not to mention whole generations warehoused for profit. We need to keep the drug war going so we can build more prisons hire more guards make them more money. Then they can use that money to hire lobbyists to convince the politicians to be even more in their favor. After all what politician wants to be seen as soft on crime?

So the drug war also has an even darker side the money. Oh money that root of all evil, drugs make a lot of untraceable liquid capital. That dark cash can then be used for other off the books covert operations. It is this perfect marriage between the need for the dark money and the drugs that supply a never ending supply. So on the one hand with all the forfeiture laws specially written ,then on the other hand you tax what was going to occur anyway. Dirty cops are the best justice money can buy, but at least you can buy it.

The worst part is all the bull-shit that goes with it. The fear based manipulation systems that have been used with great success through-out history. With fear comes control. You cannot possibly defend yourself so give up these rights and we will protect you from what turns out to be us in the first place.

Classic Illuminati power grab conceived at the Bohemian Grove no doubt. So we shoot ourselves in the face then they tell us who to hate and we hate them. Now the bad part those people we now hate, sooner or later are going to hate us back. With fear comes control. Now we have enemies all over because the whole time we were bullshitting. We were lying through national teeth and the rest of the world knew.

How do you cheat constantly then expect everyone else to play fair. It does not make any sense. We can not overcome this as a nation if we don’t own our shit. We can hem and haw and make excuses but why let this hold us back any longer. Start unraveling the lies and how many more great towers will crumble? Don’t you want to know?Hurt then heal and move on, but learn the lesson.

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