Broken Ladies and Totaled Mercedes – Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 11

Broken Ladies and Totaled Mercedes - Copyright©2015 Yamabushi All Rights Reserved.Life is like the Hardy boys mystery du-jour, sometimes corny, sometimes slightly creepy but ever evolving mutating to expand your genre. You have to stay swimming in the moment to catch even a fraction. What you thought was hard work , well multiply that by ten. Get in the game , play like you have a gun to your head , with the head band Christopher Walken Deer-hunter style. How alive did his character feel every time the chamber clicked blank. The marrow of life moments, the ones you drill down to in the early hours of the night. The renegade dreams that pull on your heart. You start to feel some of that hope slip away a little. This worries you, you don’t want the dreamer to die but part of you thinks he might have to.

The Dab JunkieThen you dab your brains out on some crazy kush and things melt around the central core. The key word research, the effort that goes into the visitors the others, feeding the proverbial head give me homework teach the tipping point that turns into the pivot point, scrape the barrel, grab the low hanging fruit. It comes down to plugging half way in and half way out. The alpha and the freaky beta riding the edge jaguar and the serpent right by your side. Thunder claps and booby traps broken ladies and totaled Mercedes. Life in the fast lane dabbed out of your mind fingering the tech spray and pray is that the tical .What is the procedure, the defection has been detected we will never make it out alive. The thrill to be alive at that level being a dreadnaught working for Zartan.

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