Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 4

Cherry Poppin’

The act of popping the cherry as it applies to this discussion is as follows ;the taking of ones virginity , taking your first dab. The first time you are kind of nervous , what is with this torch thing. What do you have to get that hot. This does what again . Then after the yellow booger has dissolved into vapor that punches into your lungs that expands into the biggest cough you can remember. You are gloriously stoned . Head tightened to the fullest bra. Anyway cherry-poppin , or playing stoner god and destroying the virgin lungs and minds.

I sat at a festival this past fall and dolled out dabs to all comers. Oh you love smoking pot ,but you have not dabbed, then come with me. They say a little dab will do ya, but like moths to the flame some would return for more , only to crash to the ground engulfed in flames only Icarus could understand. As you take dab after dab and they wheel away the last victim before they bring you a fresh one, you stop and think is this a good thing? Their concept of what being truly stoned is forever powerfully altered. Every good buzz on weed now compared to this new level bar. It hardly seems fair, the poor flower smokers scared of the big bad dab. The big bad dab that brings the Fear. Follow me to the sky high like we need to be , see. They do end up believers like it or not . Watch out do not bump your head. The torch scorching the night with bright flames keeps the highs flowing. Making converts to my BHO religion.

The first time is so special , you want to be gentle. Stop thinking about the blood and focus on it feeling good. Do not be afraid it can not kill you. It might smell bad but it will keep you warm. This is what grown-ups do when they are alone. You do not have to take it all at once , but ease it in a little at a time. If it hurts , stop and wait a little while til you get back at it. You should definitely pace yourself , until you get your sea legs under you. 

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