Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part 9

The Wonder Years - Copyright©2015 Yamabushi Art.com. All Rights Reserved.The Wonder Years – Otherwise known as the whiskey made me brave. How do you contact the people you want to using only your mind? The inner forehead opera ongoing. The DMT world where everybody looks like Yoda. Tripping face all the car head-lights are neon butterflies flapping their wings. Holler if you hear me , If you were smoking pot while Tupac was alive. If you ever went Mad Max live in the Terrordrome wrecking cars for fun shooting crossbows at guys with goofy mohawks . Flying around on home-made harnesses , high as hell, silver mullet blowing in the breeze , knocking people out in the geodesic dome. Bartertown dabs it takes a while to find the good stuff. Everybody wants the original content , but who can fuel the fire. If Red Dawn changed your life , if you saw that movie as a kid and thought yeah I could do that if I had to. Supplies and Goodbyes. The long walk home when you have to ride or die for your set. Bangers are gonna bang just like haters are gonna hate. Who liked the Gobots more than the Transformers? I always thought of the Gobots as somehow redneck or retarded? Transformers , they sucked and were fundamentally much easier to transform. That one Herr Fiend the Nazi Mercedes his head was supposed to be the windshield? To be fair Transformers had two versions like that too, shortcut sticker face Ratchet or grumbling Iron-hide both crappy Gobot likenesses. Not to super toy geek out on you but, even down to the way the cartoons were drawn the complexities or lack there of were on display. Gobots being the rudimentary paste that Robo-Cop had to eat. Transformers light or “Baby Transformers” Leader 1 was no Optimus . The only saving grace of the Gobots was the bad guys. Evil gay Crasher frequent foil of Turbo or the excellent sound the laser shots made when emitted cheaply from their crummy robot hands. Do not even get me started on the Rock-Lords.

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