Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part One

From the frozen center of an arctic vortex this dispatch begins.
Our hero finds himself with a bitter taste in his mouth.
Operation shoestring becoming a stale refrain.
The hype vapor of hope he still tries to chase.
Closing his eyes to the oblivion he grits his teeth
As the sub zero wind howls
He would meet this year head on.
He will drink the marrow out of the bones of life.
He will try to explain the unexplainable
know the unknowable
Our hero will attempt to give you the insiders view
to a strange and hidden world evolving every day
An analysis of the paradigm shift
a momentary glimpse down the rabbit hole
the grail knight’s riddle whispered from his lips
as rangers lead the way.
The twists and turns as the plot unfolds
It cant all be a pep talk not with all the salt and crab friends
Kill them with kindness harness the light and blind them
a ruthless guerrilla war against evil
no quarter can be shown put the whack to the sword
We are entering a new age where surrender means death
We must be militant with our love
Fearless with our love
The long patrol
cowboys of the mind after harnessing the power of the dabs
silent soldiers of the new dawn
Bring us back to the old ways
because how cold is cold
Our hero wonders as the wind blows and blows
The chill deepening and spreading
The polar air mass out of place running wild
beautiful blue frozen clouds pile up
and stack across the pink sky.

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