Dispatches from the Dab Junkie: Part Three

The author will attempt levity at a time like this because he is laughing but it is not funny. Lining up baby booger sized blobs to put on the end of a glass needle. Then there is the torch part , usually an eyebrow raiser for the virgins in the room. Let’s be honest though the torch part is the most crack pipe part . The whole thing has a feint free-base ritual to it. I always think of Richard Pryor him and his pipe all weekend hanging out. Some sad funny shit . People whose cherries get popped some are down for the count some are awake crawling the walls it is a beautiful thing. I love the direct access to the higher plane. The lifting of the veil where the feint sound of celestial flutes can be herd. The temporary vapors encircle the room.
You find out the men from the boys real soon. Go all Rambo macho shit-head how high like Redman type shit. Going booger for booger straight to the dome some real head-tightening vibes. Treating it like weed tequila shot for shot like Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I loved boozey brunets ever since. It is Stoner God get high in the palm of your hand. Feel the power like He-man. Start by mixing flavors keep a couple of aces up your sleeves. Let the greedy destroy themselves after a couple of deep chest /gut coughs. Then when their third eye is crying double up on them , give them two back to back. Then you wait and see them on the other side. It reminds one of the popular refrain from and old Warren G song “If you smoke like we smoke you’re high like everyday” So this long distance endurance test must come to a cough filled end . Remember you are only too high when you quit smoking.

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