Living the High Concentrate Lifestyle – Dabbing

An intro to the underground world of Butane hash oil (BHO) and dabbing

With recreational marijuana now being fully legal in the state of Colorado it has naturally led tokers nationwide, both dedicated and casual, into the exploration of new and inventive ways to ingest and enjoy the THC from their favorite recreational drug. A good example of this is the relatively new (to the mainstream) technique known as ‘dabbing’. We’re going to explain what it is, how you ‘smoke’ it, and some of its advantages. We hope this will help you decide if dabbing is something you’re interested in learning more about on your own:

What is Dabbing? – In a nutshell, the word refers to the smoking of processed butane honey oil. BHO is a sticky oil-like extract that contains much of the THC and many of the other active ingredients of marijuana. It is directly extracted from the plat material; the two most popular methods involve butane (thus the name of the finished product), and so-called ‘solvent-less’ extraction, which may be healthier as it doesn’t involve chemicals.

How Does Dabbing Work? – While there are many different ways to dab, just as there are many ways to play MacGyver with a pipe or bong, some of the most popular involve placing the oil on top of hash or other plant product and smoking in a pipe, using a specialized portable pen-like instrument designed specifically for dabbing, getting a ‘hot-head’ attachment for a bowl or bong, skillet dabs, and nail dabs. Check out what works best for you; most of the time you can try it out using other smoking equipment you already own.

What Are the Advantages? – Dabbing has some real advantages; it allows a person ingesting marijuana for medical purposes to control their dosage to an extremely fine level, and it allows a person to get the equivalent dose with a lot less actual ‘smoking’ as well as it is significantly more potent and concentrated. Once pot growing catches up to demand as legalization spreads, it may even end up proving cheaper as well since you can make the oil out of refuse parts of the plant not even Cheech and Chong would consider smoking.
So is dabbing right for you? That is a question only you can answer. If you are interested in getting a more concentrated dose of THC in a very efficient and clean manner, it may be worth looking into further.

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