Marijuana Cures Erectile Dysfunction in Scientific Study – Is there Anything it Can’t Do?

A new medical study, recently published in two journals including one maintained by the National Institute of Health claims that cannabinoids, another name for the group of chemicals which comprise the active ingredients in marijuana, can successfully help treat erectile dysfunction.

However, it doesn’t work for everyone; only patients which suffer from hypercholesterolemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) benefit from these chemicals in terms of ED symptom relief. So this means that while marijuana cures erectile dysfunction, it only does so for a certain subset of sufferers.

The reason ED happens in conjunction with high cholesterol is that too much cholesterol impacts the way the tissue which comprises the penis works, and makes it difficult to retain blood and fully engorge.

The method in which marijuana cures erectile dysfunction relies on the cannabinoids present in the drug. These compounds counteract the changes brought on by high cholesterol and relax the tissues, enabling them to function as normal. Cannabinoids are also shown to combat oxidative stress, which is another primary cause of ED.

Given the success of Viagra, and the fact that the nation seems to be moving towards legalization, will the fact that marijuana cures erectile dysfunction be the final push which takes it across the finish line? Only time will tell.

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