rantsboroGoober grape stink bug bastards
controlling the paint with ancient rave music
we reach the end of the line
you have to stop the bleeding, to survive
Drink away the pain, make yourself insane
keep it grizzly
Drunk on the milk of human kindness
a gathering of eagles
Hell's hatchet-men
My Diamonds Shine A-lot
That's What's UP
and yet
When You Strut You Stumble
But Don't sweat the technique
A hard head makes for a soft butt
Love the Legacy you Make or You Are Not Doing it Right
Thrive or Die
Stay Stylish
Bloody Mary Your Universe
Mimosa Mafia remains unstoppable
taking hold of this series
We must find a way to unite, or run the real risk of being annihilated.
Controlling the paint searching for answers
It is a make or miss league
Space, grabbing the eyes self evaluation kits, minimum payments
Fantasy Island passive aggressive
A little traveling music for the girls
A Trip and Fall Foul
Violations keep being overlooked
while the goose gets cooked
Where are my warriors?
Loose lips sink ships and all that there
smooth out the roughness
live for the party
feel the rhythm
keep your body groovin
the groove is right
It is your nite
check on it, and make it right.

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