Top 10 Glass Bubblers for Spring 2014

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a review on the latest bubblers. Even with all the vaporizers, e-cigs, etc. every dedicated smoker has to have a steady piece of glass he can always  fall back on. A well crafted piece of custom glass built properly can last forever.  One of the bubbler pipes I have is over 15 years old!

Of course these things aren’t cheap – so if you are in the market or just interested, check out our latest Top 10 list of the greatest bubblers. Since we last looked at bubblers for sale on the interwebs a lot has changed with the science of these devices. Below are some of the most popular bubblers along with short explanations about the new technology behind today’s custom glass pipes.

Price range is all over the map. We showcase some of the wildest and most expensive pipes in the world and also some of the best bubblers for smoking concentrates that the rest of us can afford. This is just our list, please use the comments to add your own links to what you believe is the best bubbler!

#10: Blackleaf Glass Octobong 10-arm Perc Bubbler with Disc Screen Slide Bowl

bubblers - dabjunkie.comNumber 10 on our list is the popular Octobong from Blackleaf Glass. Blackleaf earned its solid reputation with the first release of the original Octobong bubbler. This latest version of their Octobong 10-arm Perc Bubbler packs some serious firepower into a compact, lab-grade glass bubbler!

The secret is in the glass! Each double-slitted arm of the perculator provides intense diffusion in just a little water for a smooth pull. The hollow base is part of the chamber, allowing for extra volume. The built-in disc screen is a nice bonus and helps keep ash and crap out of your water without creating any drag.

bubblers logo-dabjunkie.combubblers detail - dabjunkie.comCheck out the awesome Octobong octopus logothat decorates the tube the tube leading to the mouthpiece. Heavy duty glass sits on 4 inch diameter base. A real value for the price, here’s your opportunity to own an unique and innovative glass pipe.

#9: Sheldon Black 5 Arm Tree Perc Bubbler

Perc-Bubbler-dabjunkieThis glass perc bubbler from Sheldon Black Glass follows the design of traditional bubblers from the glassblower. It has a removable diffuser making it super easy to clean. Very nice Sheldon Black logo etched on the diffuser & the bowl. Once the treated and cooled smoke moves through the diffuser, it begins to rise and fills the main section of the bubbler providing a very nice visual as a bonus.

Sheldon Glass is proudly American handmade glass of the highest quality.

#8: Steve Gelb Standup Snorkle Carb Bubbler

Steve-Gelb-Standup-Snorkle-Carb-Bubbler - dabjunkie.comThis Standup Snorkle Carb Bubbler is another fine piece of beautiful, heady glass from the master glass blower, Steve Gelb.

There is some sick coloured glasswork set upon clear glass that has been done throughout this piece creating a unique appearance consisting of shades of blue and purple that blend together to form a terrific piece of art.

#7: Voorhees – Electroformed Standup Bubbler

voorhees-bubbler pipeThis bubbler pipe is consists of a large gold chamber which doubles as the base. From this chamber explodes the borosilicate glass bowl surrounded by an array of coloured glass horns. Both of which have been given the electroformed copper treatment.

The neck of the bubbler consists of two major segments, The detailed glass head, and a worked disc style mouthpiece. just like the base, these also have the electroformed copper treatment.

This electroforming (or electroplating) of the copper on top of the worked borosilicate glass creates a stunning contrast between the two styles.


#6:Scott Deppe “Grateful 4 Mushrooms” Dancing Bear Montage Heady Bubbler

ScottDeppeGrateful4MushroomsDancingBearMontageHeadyBubblerAnother amazing piece by Scott Deppe. This is a big piece – 12″ wide and 14.5″ tall! And every inch is filled with intricate dancing bears and wisps of color. This is a huge HEADY bubbler with Dancing Bears Tripping on Mushrooms montage.

#5: Weed Star – Clear Glass Inline Perc Vapor Bubbler

weedstar vapor bubbler“You might own a huge kick-ass oil rig one day but you’ll never forget the little portable Weed Star Vapor Bubbler that got you started!”

The affordable and stylish Weedstar makes the countdown! This is a handheld glass bubbler for smoking BHO (butane honey oil) and other concentrates that is just over nine inches tall. The Weedstar vapor bubbler makes a great little intro pipe for smoking concentrates. The slitted inline perc will break up your toke into luscious bubbles for smoother smoke, and the multiple marias not only add decoration but ensure a safer grip.

#4: SNOB Glass – Micro Scientific Glass Bubbler with Vapor Dome

SNOB Glass - Micro Scientific Glass Bubbler with Vapor DomeThis pint-sized Micro Bubbler is a scientific glass water pipe with super powered percolation! The fixed stem inside this piece leads to a slitted inline perc with a disc perc just above it. These two items are the secret that delivers a bubbly smooth pull that’s less harsh on your throat. Light and compact with a curved, this little bubbler easy to handle and comfortable to use!

These Micro Scientific Glass Bubblers are made by hand in Amsterdam by Hans Meijer of SNOB Glass.
vpor bubbler -

#3 Jerome Baker – Glass Vapor Bubbler with Showerhead Perc

Jerome Baker - Glass Vapor Bubbler with Showerhead PercJerome Baker Glass, one of the biggest names in handmade American glass water pipes, has created a new series of scientific glass tubes! American-made, the studio is located in California, this vapor bubbler is designed from the ground up for smoking hash oil concentrates. It comes equipped with an adjustable, threaded, grade 2 titanium concentrate nail and an 18.8mm top-load glass vapor dome. Inside, there is a showerhead perc breaks up your toke for a smoother hit. Jerome Baker logo designs on the front and an embossed JBD logo pressed into the glass.

“An original glass bubbler from Jerome Baker Designs is an investment you will enjoy for years, and you can smoke from it too!”
vpor bubbler -

#2: The $20,ooo Scott Deppe “Take Me 2 the MOTHERSHIP” Alien Montage Bubbler on a Rainbow Cane Pull Stand

20k bubblers for sale - dabjunkieIt doesn’t get more outrageous than a $20,000 piece of glass art you can smoke hash oil out of. Check out this sick creation by renown glass artist Scott Deppe of Mothership Studio. We featured a couple of his pieces in this countdown but this one was the craziest we’ve seen yet. Here’s a feature list to drool over.

The Mothership creates excellent glass from their studio in Bellingham WA. The Mothership began with the glass master Scott Deppe. THe Mothership Team’s goal is to create these amazing pieces as for the people to enjoy. Here’s a link to a great thread about their glass: Mothership Glass Appreciation

  • Large mushroom and Alien sculpture with 9 section fully functional mini tube
  • Features HiGHly detailed “MOTHERSHIP” spacecraft sculpture w/ Alien pilot and 8-ball gear shift detailing
  • Large CRISP 5 leaf flora arrangment with 8 HIGHly detailed leafs
  • GIGANTIC Crayon molecule arrangment
  • Large Dichroic foil cane pull with 5 leaf detail
  • 2 Large dichroic multicolor ribbon cane attachments
  • GIGANTIC (2.2″ wide) Dichroic Rainbow flat cane base (serves as grip handle)
  • 23+ Section bubbler body with countless retticellos and wig-wag inlay galore
  • Retticello mouth disc
  • Mushrooms have textured bottoms
  • Right hand side carb ; left hand RAINBOW cane grip
  • Scott Deppe Signature x Date marble attachment with retticello border

#1: Pulse Glass – Gridded Tongue Percolator Vapor Bubbler with built-in Dabber Holder

Vapor Bubbler - thedabjunkie.comWorld renown, Los Angeles-area-based American glass brand, Pulse Glass, developed this vapor bubbler that took home the Cannabis Cup Best Glass Winner & Kush Cup Best Bubbler and now places #1 on The Dab Junkie’s Top 10 Bubblers!

This unique bubbler features a special, gridded tongue percolator with piercings that break up your toke into a bubbling mass of diffusion and water filtration to deliver silky smooth smoke. This thing is made for dabbin’ The with its built-in dabber holder with dabber, oil tray, clear glass concentrate nail and a straight vapor dome with twisted glass handle.

Pulse creates each piece by hand, flame polished for a beautiful gleam and shine and labeled with the Pulse Glass logo in real platinum that won’t ever chip, fade or tarnish. Each glass piece bears the message, “From our family to you: Enjoy!”
vpor bubbler -

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