“The Derms”-Transdermal THC Patches

Transdermal THC PatchesThe Dermals( intensifier patches) weed absorbed through the skin applied like an icy-hot patch. The future . These things are the shit. Way powerful especially if you dab on top of taking the patch. The patch has a slow build but once you plateau it lasts forever. Unlike any other edible the inter-phase is almost pharmaceutical, definitely medicinal in it’s potency. I only used a portion of the patch and was truly amazed at the lasting power. That is why I use the term intensifier patch because to me that was the beauty of the product it’s use in tandem with other ritual intoxicants.[/twocol_one]

Similar to the use of M.A.O inhibitors to intensify D.M.T or M.D.M.A , the derms intensified all other cannabis products effects greatly. I became aware of a new glorious plateau (a mind body sync) a being awareness bliss state. The derms you wanted to go tell it on the mountain. Derms and dabs and you are bullet-proof, or if you do get shot this would be a great pain-killer combo.

The most impressive part was the shelf-life it went on and on the plateau became a celestial plain that stretched into the heavens for damn near forever. Way to go Colorado props for this innovation. Perfect for use at festivals or camping as well as playing music or watching NFL games. You can be active or couch locked and not get overly sleepy. I want more. I heard they got popular and the price doubled.

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